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Rockbox: it rocks and it works!

More than 2 years ago, I wrote about Rockbox: the open source firmware for mp3 players, written from scratch.

I wanted to try it out with my iPod Nano but before I did it, it stopped working (exactly like my older iPod shuffle, around 1 year after having purchased, they “gracefully” expired) so, for this and for other reasons: no more apple products craps.
One Operating System after (of course GNU/Linux, what else?) I bought the Sansa Fuse player and I could not be any happier.
The other day I recalled about Rockbox and I wondered: “why not?” so I downloaded the installer and it worked like a charm!
Now I have a firmware with lots and lots of features and improvements over the old one, like:

  • Support for over 20 Sound Codecs, including Ogg Vorbis and FLAC
  • Gapless playback
  • 5-band fully-parametric equalizer, and crossfeed
  • High-resolution volume control, 64-100 levels
  • Ability to create your own themes or use user-uploaded ones
  • Advanced crossfading
  • ReplayGain support (volume normalization)
  • Cuesheet support
  • Album Art Support
  • JPEG image and text-file viewing
  • Doom!*
  • MPEG video support
  • Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Customizable Tag Database
  • Unicode support
  • Advanced On-The-Go playlist creation
  • Multilingual Interface – 30 supported languages and counting
  • Optional spoken interface
  • Many plugins – games, apps, and demos
  • Open Source, so Rockbox is constantly improved

* Yes, you read well, Doom!